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How many licenses do I need?

If you purchase a product for yourself you only need a single license. Please select

Our ENTERPRISE LICENSES work like a software volume license. They are necessary when more than one person can work with the sounds simultaneously, like in the following cases:

– You have multiple workstations where multiple sound designers can work with the sounds. Each workstation counts as a user.
– You have a shared audio server where multiple users have access to. You need a license for each user.

You need to purchase a license for each active user who works with our content (e.g. sound designer, audio editor), or for each workstation from which our content can be accessed – whichever number is lower. This is not about concurrent users, but about users working with our content in general. Two typical scenarios:

– You have 5 sound designers working with our sounds in the studio (5 workstations) and from home (5 workstations) = you need a 5 user license.
– You have 5 sound designers working in turns in 2 studio suites in your office, and our content can only be accessed from there = you need a 2 user license.

For the QUIET PLANET® nature sounds, any company or business that has more than one member (including founders, members, staff and employees), needs to purchase an ENTERPRISE license.