From time to time we receive great feedback from our customers. They tell us what they like about BOOM Library Sound Effects and how they use it in their daily work. We like to share this with you

Alvinos Zavlis

LiftFX is a refreshing plugin that will solve your transition effect issues. Sourcing unique effect samples can be frustrating, and creating your own from scratch can be time-consuming and underwhelming. This plugin is so exciting and useful.

Sound Supervisor

To me, BOOM Libraries are my microphones and recorders. If I can’t record the sound myself, I always go to BOOM Library. BOOM Libraries save my sound recording time and I use that extra time to find my sound inspiration. BOOM Libraries were used as elements of sound design work for my partner Bong Joon-ho’s film SnowpiercerOkja, and Oscar-winning Parasite, and the results of it were excellent and great. It was also used in Netflix’s Kingdom Season 1 and 2 and #AliveSpace Sweepers.

Bob Pepek
Sound Designer

I simply wanted to say THANK YOU for your tireless work on your stellar quality recordings. I sound design a fair amount of the LEGO product animations. I wanted you to know that BOOM Library was an integral part of my recent Telly Award winning success!  LEGO released a set for the Tantive IV (Princess Leias ship) in which I sound designed their product animation. The sound design received a Gold Telly Award and I used the Mechanicals library on.

Magnus Chirgwin
Freelance Sound Designer & Composer

Working with raw material that sounds fantastic and is meticulously organized are both astonishingly important aspects of my work as a sound designer. Working with sounds I can trust and find easily means that I can focus my time and energy on being creative, and I value that immensely. It doesn't matter if I'm designing sounds for an enormous monster in a dome theater film, a cute mushroom for a pixel art game or an immersive nature ambience for VR - I always find what I need with BOOM Library sounds and I can trust the material completely.

Robert Dudzic
Sound Designer, Producer, Engineer, Studio Musician

I am still big fan of BOOM sounds, I have to say there is nothing close to you guys on the market. The latest release Cinematic Strikes just gave another example😊

Michael Kohler
Composer, Music Producer, Sound Designer / Bluetube / www.bluetube.com

I am a big fan of BOOM libraries and own most of what they've put out. I work with Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and have done many of their shows over the years. I've used BOOM’s libraries on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, 12oz Mouse, Harvey Birdman, and almost exclusively used their car and weapon libraries on a show called Archer, years ago. I'll be starting new shows soon and will be looking to their libraries for a variety of different elements. Working primarily in Animation, I find the need to do a lot of Foley or look to the more obscure sound libraries to help build things that don't always exist in the real world. Libraries like BOOM’s Sci Fi, Magic, Fire, Destruction and the different animal libraries are hugely helpful.

Patrick Biason
Sound Designer / BioWare

In every game I work on, I try to make good use of all the different sounds that my kids make around the house. By layering those sounds with some great BOOM creature source, I can ensure that we have completely unique creatures in our games.

Michael Kent
Sound Supervisor / BioWare

Working on MONSTERS & BEASTS with BOOM was a great experience, and we are already planning for the next ones. The source in this library is amazing. It provided us with unique assets that we could then manipulate further to create the sounds of the fantastic beasts in Anthem.

Andy Wright
Oscar-Winning Supervising Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer

MONSTERS & BEASTS is another great release from Boom. A broad array of sounds to fit any creature feature and all with the punchy low end we know and love from Boom. Being able to access the raw recordings, as always, is fabulous.

Craig Henighan
ROMA, Deadpool, Alita Battle Angel, Stranger Things, mother!, Black Swan

The Team at Boom Library have done it again with a huge array of sounds for MONSTERS & BEASTS.  The designed sounds are fantastic and the construction kits are inspirational.  One thing I like to do is look for non animal or human sounds that can be shaped into a monster vocal. This kit includes off the beaten track ideas such as an Accordion, Plungers and Styrofoam.  All things that can be twisted and turned into highly original Monsters and Beasts!


BOOM Libraries are first and foremost very professional in how they work, planning, equipment and dedication to making sure to capture everything in as high fidelity as possible really sets them in the very top of the spectrum. Also, they are really lovely people to work with!

Sound Designer

Wow! This is the best sounding ready to use UI Library I’ve ever heard. All sounds are designed and categorized to tell the story behind the visual interface. Actions have destinct sounds and come with variation of size and material. Great job - this is THE go-to UI Library

Sound Supervisor

Having the ability to browse a library with a unique character and at the same time with many variations of sound performance is crucial for the success of a sound that makes the difference. Modern UI together with The Interface (another great product Boom) is definitely the ultimate solution for any type of application that includes buttons, screens and colored lights!

Sound Designer

Modern UI from Boom Library gives you those big Hollywood blockbuster sounds without breaking the bank. When you close your eyes and just listen to the previews your imagination immediately runs wild. As a sound designer I understand how important the connection between sound, picture and the audience is. Modern UI gets me the results I need in no time.

SoundBytes Magazine
Vincenzo Bellanova

Instant inspiration – the sounds are great here, clean and powerful, with a lot of rumbly low end that gives a lot of body and a sense of fullness even when just browsing through the sources. Layering and coming up with something different is really easy.

Sound Designer

Love the new library Fire and Water, really cool stuff, especially the Construction Kit to create this sounds. Very useful elements.

Sound Designer

Dusk, Amid Evil etc.

BOOM has been the library I reach for first anytime a developer needs some help in the sound design department. It’s incredibly high quality and never feels over-produced…it just sits in the mix how I imagine it should nearly every single time. I needed some big machine sounds and some rather outside the box raw sfx for two different projects. The Mechanicals and Magic bundles have been a life saver in both of those departments for me and for my work on Dusk and Amid Evil.


Thank you very much Louisa and Benedikt! BOOM Library have always been very supportive - It's so refreshing to find a company that not only releases some of the best sound design assets out there, but also takes the time to help their customers out and learn about how their assets are being utilised. Thank you for being so awesome!!!

Eric Paulsen
Emmy winning Sound Designer • Sound Effect Editor

Guardians of The Galaxy, Lost In Oz, Dead Bullet etc.

BOOM libraries are an absolute staple in my SFX library arsenal. I owe a lot of my success to the amazing tools BOOM has provided me! The quality of each library is absolutely incredible and  I can always count on each sound to be the highest fidelity possible.

Jeff Broadbent

Games: Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online, PlanetSide 2, Transformers 2 – Dark Side Of The Moon

As always, congrats on the great sfx libraries created by BOOM! I recently purchased your SCI-FI Bundle for a new project, it sounds great. Honestly, I think your sound design company is one of the best (if not the best) place to obtain sound effects - the quality and creativity is always top notch.

Shannon Mills
Supervising Sound Editor • Sound Designer

Avengers: Infinity War, Avatar, Titanic, CARS, Finding Nemo, Pirates Of The Caribbean, etc.

When I can’t record sounds myself, BOOM is the next best thing! I’m always amazed at how they release libraries exactly when I need them! Right before I began my work on Thor: A Dark World they released Medieval Weapons, perfect timing! The sounds were perfect for the opening battle scene and saved me much time preparing for the temp mix. Excellent quality, and I appreciate the option of designed or construction kit, as I can build my own sounds or use versions prebuilt, extremely valuable!

Sascha Knorr
Composer • Motion-Graphics-Artist • Sound-Designer

The Boom Library Soundeffects are the foundation of my palette, whether I do sound editing for film or flavoring my music with some special colors. Especially accentuating my own motion graphics with those sounds just bring them to life and help me telling the story and also reaching the viewer/listener on an emotional level. What I technically like most about the Boom Library stuff is the clarity and quality of the recordings and the multiple variations of each sound.

Joel Raabe
Sound Editor

BOOM Library excels with both its raw source material and its designed sounds. The pristine recordings really  hold up to manipulation and processing, and include many iterations for that much needed variety. A great addition to any sound designer's library - this stuff has impact!

Luis Galdames
Sound Editor • Sound Designer

La La Land, The Descendants, The Amazing Spider-Man, Sideways etc.

Keep up the good work. Love you guys! I'm constantly using your libraries in EVERYTHING I work on!

Gregor Arnold
Sound Designer • Re-Recording Mixer

Muxmäuschenstill, Türkisch für Anfänger, 8 Uhr 28, Dina Foxx: Tödlicher Kontakt etc.

I am working in the audio post of German movies and TV primetime productions for about 20 years. Over the last years, an independent sound library scene has grown and BOOM Library is one of the most outstanding producers. What makes them outstanding is their broad range of libraries and the absolutely great quality of their products.

Richard Aitken
Music Mixer • Producer

Far Cry 2, Evel Kneival, Clumsy Ninja, Dream Fall Chapters, etc.

I use BOOM Libraries in my projects almost every day. The Construction Kit Sounds are just perfect for my own creative sound design - the range is so variegated. I am more than happy with the ones I've purchased so far and the BOOM Library online store is my very first address when searching for new sounds. The sound files come with very detailed and thoughtful metadata tags which makes finding the right sound and working with it incomparably fast. For time-critical projects, it is a blessing to work with their pre-designed sounds where almost every shot is a bulls-eye. All in all I can say the products are excellent and the price is unbeatable and hats off to the great customer support.

Rolf Krüger
Composer • Producer

Split Trailer, DC-Universe Trailer, Sex And The City, Spongebob Squarepants, Friends etc.

I am very glad to have you. Especially your BOOM Library stuff is unrivalled for me in terms of punch and sound - and your sound effects are constantly in my scores.

Jeremy Robins
Audio Director / Vigil Games

Darksiders, Warhammer 40k – Dark Millenium

You can never have too many metal impact SFX at your disposal, and this library has them in spades. Moreover, they are recorded and offered at far higher sample rates than I’ve found in any other library. These assets really lend themselves to additional sound design and I’ve found them incredible useful in both realistic and abstract applications.

David Farmer
Sound Designer

Lord of the rings, Hulk, King Kong, Bioshock 2, Dead Space, God of War

The "Creatures" library has lots of good wet close proximity sounds that are often difficult to get from real animal recordings. I typically have to record myself to get those, so this is a welcome addition to my library. Nice work and nice price!

Adam Stiles
Sound Designer • VFX Artist

Trailer: The Dark Knight, Gamer, Punisher, Hellboy II

An excellent, excellent collection. With the Cinematic Metal library, you could almost do any high end trailer with those alone. I'm so happy there's a company like you guys out there. The need for these type of sounds are monumental. Especially for us at Riot Games, we need more, and more.

Yohann Bernard
Sound Editor

The Ghost Writer, L’affaire Farewell, Enfances etc.

I have loved BOOM Library sounds for long now, but with the incredible recordings of Gordon Hempton’s TROPICAL FORESTS (5.0) I found exactly what I needed for the surround installation of the Gabon Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015. The setup consists of three big screens that surround the visitors. The original binaural audio is so pure and immersive that it makes you feel like you're right in the middle of these hostile pristine forests. The 5.0 extractions of these TROPICAL FORESTS recordings are simply fantastic!

Edward Bauman
Sound Designer

Gears of War 4, Finger Food Studios, Baumansound, Game Audio School

I discovered BOOM Library in 2011 when I was searching for a large variety of sword types SFX for a project and came across  the Medieval Weapons - Construction Kit library. Since then, Boom Library is hands down my favorite sound library maker in the market. The quality of the source sounds for the Construction Kits are incredible. Crisp, wide frequency ranged, more than enough variations for each file (essential for game audio), clean, and sonically interesting.  

TheoryForm Games


TheoryForm has been using the Cinematic Hits, Medieval Weapons, Magic, and Nature Essentials libraries to build sound effects for Hazewalker, our premier action platformer. The sound quality of these libraries is unparalleled at this price point - they are clear, crisp, and a pleasure to work with.

Matthew Cameron
Sound Designer

I used BOOM Library's Cinematic Hits and Magic while working on an a major portfolio piece while I attended film school in Vancouver. The recording quality of the libraries was incredible and I remember being so inspired by some of the sounds that it was becoming difficult to decide which sounds NOT to include in layering the most epic impact moments of the project. All in all I'm very happy with the ones I've purchased so far and I always look forward to expanding my collection of BOOM sounds whenever a project has a need for top notch evocative sound design.

Craig Kyllonen
Sound Editor • Actor • Visual Effects

American Gangster, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Bone Tomahawk, Knight and Day etc.

I was hired as a Supervising Sound Editor on a Horror Western titled Bone Tomahawk. I needed some updating to my own library of sounds & was familiar w/ the quality products that BOOM offers. I loaded up w/ Prairies, Historical Firearms, Gun Handling, & of course, Horses, & I was more than set. The Historical Firearms were especially fantastic. The depth of the recordings coupled with the ability to tweak the original sounds w/ the Construction Kit, gave me so many options for authentic, Turn of the 20th Century SFX.  BOOM nailed it.

Mike Raznick
Composer / Audio Director

CBS, MTV, HBO, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, A&E, Mercedes, NASA, Sony, Insomniac Games, Disney, EA, Zynga, Atari, Sega, Ubisoft, THQ etc.

For AWAY: The Survival Series (VR game) and Custom Trailer Music Productions I used the Cinematic Darkness, Cinematic Hits and Cinematic Trailers libraries. The sheer diversity and constancy across this whole line of samples is astounding. I love that I can audition any number of sounds against my productions to find just the right timbral match for any given situation. From earth shattering hits, immense yet fragile booms, transitions and more, there’s an added dimension that the BOOM libraries bring to my music.

James Saunders
Sound Designer / LFO Sound

Rover, VW, Honda, Ford, Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Jaguar, Chrysler, Mini, Citreon, Saab etc.

Once downloaded, the varied set of sounds on offer has provided me with invaluable source material to help me achieve the level of sonic detail that my clients expect. Everyday Cars has become my go to library when working on automotive commercials. In fact, I liked it so much that I didn’t 'buy the company' - as a certain Victor Kiam once said - no, I just bought the SUV sound set as well!

Phil Freudenfeld
Sound Designer

Ripper Street, Line of Duty, The Edge of Love, The Goob, The Whale, Banana etc.

I used elements of BOOM's 'GUNS' SFX for the Winchester pump action shot guns used in ‘Ripper Street’ & I recently used BOOM's ‘Debris’ SFX for a film which was shown at Milan Expo15 called 'The Family Tree' the 'Debris' SFX came in use for scenes which showed high rise buildings bursting up through the ground. BOOM I ‘Bleeping’ love your SFX!

Matt Temple
Composer / Producer

The Office, Bones, Salem, The Passion of the Christ, etc.

Salem is a period piece about witches and the new MAGIC library lends itself perfectly for such a specialized task.

Giel van Geloven
Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Designer

Close Combat is a great addition to my library. Lots of separate fight elements which you can combine into big custom designed body hits. Recorded at a high resolution so you can pitch and stretch the hell out of them without getting artifacts. A must buy!

Re-Recording Mixer • FX Editor

How to Get Away With Murder, The Catch, Still Star-Crossed

BOOM libraries have quickly become an integral part of my sound fx library. The Close Combat library has made its way into every fight scene in 'Scandal', 'How To Get Away With Murder' and 'The Catch'. The fight cloth fx work great to glue a fight together and the designed impacts come in very handy on short turnovers when time is scarce.  BOOM's recording quality and metadata is top notch!

Dave Barnaby
Sound Designer

Captain America: The First Avenger, RED 2: The Best Never Rest, Cinderella Man, Angels and Demons, Twisted etc.

I use BOOM libraries in my projects almost daily. My work on "TURN" used Historical Firearms almost exclusively for weapons. Now I'm working on "NCIS: New Orleans", in which I'continue to use Historical Firearms for gun design, as well as Close Combat and Magic for various fight and design moments. They are a great addition to my library, and a "go to" for anything that I need that sounds huge and clean (which is just about everything!)

Ivan Torrent
Composer & Producer for Media

I must say that this is a really impressive release. I've been working with all your stuff in almost all my works in trailer and commercial music, but... wow... this is a step forward in my opinion. It sounds so clean, modern and punchy that I'm eager to have more stuff like this! You're always my first choice to add punch and epicness to my music. So, please make more Cinematic Trailer volumes - There are never enough.

Patrick Giraudi
Sound Designer

Mulholland Drive, The Descendants, Twilight etc.

I finished an epic film Dracula the Dark Prince. A direct to video action pack starring Jon Voight as Van Helsing. The film required the intense use of the MEDIEVAL WEAPONS, CLOSE COMBAT, HORSES, CREATURES, WILDCATS, CINEMATIC TRAILERS, CINEMATIC HITS and CINEMATIC METAL. My goal was to make this film sound like a very expensive movie without having the big studio film budget at my disposal and the BOOM libraries help me achieve that. The quality and the power of the BOOM libraries make it fairly easy to create great sound designs by either using the already prepared sound or the Construction Kit. The sounds are fantastic and I always start using the BOOM libraries over anything else.

Noah Shebib a.k.a 40
Record Producer

Grammy-winning producer behind the sound of Drake’s productions

You guys are like my secret weapon right now as a music producer. I used BOOM all over Drake’s „VIEWS“ album and also allll over Drake’s live show.

Matt Temple
Composer / Producer

The Office, Bones, Salem, The Passion of the Christ, etc.

I am using the beautifully recorded HORSES Library for Salem. The quality is top-notch and I would urge other sound designers to check out BOOM to help beef up anyone's library. I am a loyal fan.

Malcolm Thorp
Dubbing Mixer / SinePost Ltd

UK TV documentaries for BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 etc.

It’s not just a Cars and Vans SFX library, but one that is well thought out, cleverly mic'ed and dedicated to European vehicles covering a spectrum of realistic vehicle ages. A must for any genre of European audio post production. No matter what visual effect a video editor generates, I now have a choice of sounds to match. Clients are simply blown away…BOOM!

David Philipp
Sound Designer / The Noiseworks Ltd

Total War: Warhammer, ANNO 1404, The Elder Scrolls Online etc.

For the Total War: Warhammer release trailer I  created some layers of the big impacts using pitched down versions of the BLACK POWDER and HISTORICAL- FIREARMS libraries. Generally speaking, whenever we are missing certain sound effects we know that they will be available in one of the many construction kits. They are absolutely irreplaceable.

Skip SoRelle
Sound Designer / SoRelle Sound

I recently completed the sound design and re-recording mix on an IMAX film for the Maryland Science Center's theater in Baltimore Maryland. If it weren't for the excellent cannon and firearms recordings from BOOM's "Black Powder" and "Historical Firearms" libraries, this film would not have sounded nearly as good as it does. The variations and long-tail reverbs on the cannons were especially helpful in placing the shots in space, since most of the cannon shots take place over water. The BOOM recordings really put the huge IMAX speakers to work.

Manuel Mayer
Composer / Sound Designer

In search of a sample package of Transformer-like sounds I came across the BOOM Library “Sci-Fi” package and I’m really extremely excited about the high quality of the sounds. I’m particularly impressed with the number of samples and their wide range of possible application.

David Barbee
Sound Designer

Star Trek, Mad Men, The Sopranos, The Shield, Navy CIS, The Newsroom etc.

BOOM Library collections have quickly become an integral part of my sound effects library, and I have used them in a wide variety of projects. The Sci-Fi, Cinematic Trailers and Magic collections are fantastic for sound design work, from the quick and easy answers in the "Designed" section, to the many elements in the "Construction Kit" I use to blend together for something new.

Matt Smith
Sound Designer / Adrenaline Studios

In this day, beating the clock and delivering a phenomenal project is what we all strive for as sound designers. Since using the BOOM Libraries, I’ve found client’s having less critiques/suggestions and more approvals. I’ve also found that my time spent searching for sound effects drastically diminished. The quality BOOM delivers is second-to-none, to me, they are the leaders in a new wave of sound effects libraries. We use Magic/Sci-Fi/Destruction in almost every project we work with. When you’re ready to elevate your game, get BOOM.

Jens-Uwe Bartholomäus
Composer, Sound Designer and Producer

For me as a producer of audio books, composer for film music and sound designer, I couldn’t imagine working without the BOOM Library anymore. Creatures, Cinematic Metal, Cinematic Hits and Medieval Weapons are simply BOOOOOOOM. Wishing you continued success and please, don’t stop creating innovative and exceptional sounds!

Don Mann
Sound Designer

The L Word, The Prophet, The Gambler, the Girl and the Gunslinger etc.

I knew before I even started I would have to pick up the CREATURES Construction Kit.  There is such a large variety of sounds to choose from, all with high sample rates, it is simply an essential tool for the scary and fantastic fantasy creatures!  I'm designing the sound of a massive sea monster, and some huge vicious wolves. BOOM Library is sending chills down my spine, and hopefully the viewers too!

David Philipp
Sound Designer / The Noiseworks Ltd

Total War: Warhammer, ANNO 1404, The Elder Scrolls Online etc.

For the Total War: WARHAMMER release trailer we loved using the CREATURES Construction Kit to spice up our own vocal recordings. Generally speaking, whenever we are missing certain sound effects we know that they will be available in one of the many Construction Kits. They are absolutely irreplaceable.


Gordon Hempton is turning up the volume on Earth’s rarest sounds while working to preserve them for future generations.

USA Today

America's foremost guru of quiet.


You may hear for the first time what has been missing in most other recordings - real rolling and shaking, a genuine edge-of-night boom-and-gloom gluttony of power and subtlety unmatched in the world of audio.

Robert Gerst
Author of "Make Film History: Rewrite, Reshoot, and Recut the World's Greates Films

In these magnificent recordings, clear and mysterious as haiku, Gordon Hempton distills the spirit of the natural world. As wild sound in a movie, they hitch the seen to the invisible. A gift for every filmmaker!


Gordon Hempton brings new meaning to the word purist. He meticulously scouts out sites for his soundscapes. Hempton is totally in touch with his environment as a listener, and he is committed to bringing what he hears to a wider audience.

The Weekly

There is something about them that makes you want to redefine the words, "truth and beauty." Listening to them through headphones, with your eyes closed, inspires visions as vivid as outright hallucinations.

Ross Tregenza
Freelance Sound Designer • Composer

Timesplitters 2 & 3, Crysis 1-3, Aliens Vs Predator & Homefront: The Revolution.

Whatever area of sound design I'm working in, Boom Library always has the content I need. Their sounds are powerful, dynamic and detailed in a way that really shines. Working with the boom libraries is exciting and inspiring!

Satisfied BOOM Library Customer

Just wanted to say a quick thank you and also ask that you pass my congratulations on to the rest of the team involved with "Assault Weapons" for an absolutely phenomenal library.

Satisfied BOOM Library Customer

LOVE the sounds in this library. You guys continue to outdo yourself with each new release!

Satisfied BOOM Library Customer

To be honest, some of the weapons in this pack are the best recordings I have yet to hear of them!

Eric Paulsen
Emmy winning Sound Designer • Sound Effect Editor

Guardians of The Galaxy, Lost In Oz, Dead Bullet etc.

The sounds of each library work brilliantly with my projects. Since the quality is so high, it's very easy for me to add lots of processing/pitch shifting to help create even more unique sounds.  I use a lot of the Magic bundle, Mechanicals, Creatures, Destruction, Sci-Fi, Cinematic Hits, Cinematic Metal, Cinematic Trailers, Close Combat, Everyday Cars, and Medieval Weapons. As you can see, I owe a lot of my success to the amazing tools BOOM has provided me!  

Satisfied BOOM Library Customer

The samples sound amazing. You guys did a fantastic job recording / mixing these.

Phil Freudenfeld
Sound Designer

Ripper Street, Line of Duty, The Edge of Love, The Goob, The Whale, Banana etc.

I used BOOM's 'Trains' in 'Ripper Street S3'. They featured in the opening episode. They are a great set of recordings covering steam engines to modern electric trains. The 'Train' library was useful in Ripper street to obtain period locomotive sounds which I used for INT, EXT, carriages, pass bys, driving etc…With steam trains being hard to record I found BOOM's 'Trains' a welcoming addition to my SFX library.