This FAQ site will help you to find the answers to some of the most common questions about the BOOM Library sound effects. Please have a look at them. If you do not find an answer to your question, please write us an email to: service@boomlibrary.com


What's so special about BOOM Library sound FX?

Besides creating new BOOM Library sounds, our team is constantly working on sound design jobs for state-of-the-art games, trailers, TV shows and movies. This makes us our own best clients and we get a really great feeling for the type of sounds and high-end quality our customers love and need.
We only produce sounds that we would use for our daily sound design work and that satisfy our very demanding clients from the professional game and movie industry. We assure you that each BOOM Library sound was recorded and created by a professional sound designer and we’re sure that you’ll hear the difference.

In addition to the high-quality standards, BOOM Library invented the concept of the “Construction Kit” and “Designed” editions. Read more about this in the next question.

What is the difference between "DESIGNED" and "CONSTRUCTION KIT"?

A CONSTRUCTION KIT generally contains thousands of sounds as raw as possible and only as processed as needed for a specific topic, perfectly organized to make it easy for you to use them. Carefully selected, those sounds give you all the freedom and possibilities you need to design your own sounds within the given topic from scratch. For some topics it is difficult to provide recordings only, so you will find some pre-processed or synthesizer based sounds in those collections as well, but still only basic material, since we don’t want to offer it compressed to the maximum or similarly mutated. After all, the CONSTRUCTION KIT serves as such for ourselves, namely in the following process of creating the respective DESIGNED collection.

The DESIGNED collections feature fully designed sounds which originate from the CONSTRUCTION KIT stock. The sounds are of a specific topic and ready to use: mixed, processed, compressed, mastered etc. They can be easily put into all kind of projects, for example trailers, commercials, movies, TV shows and so forth or used as in-game sounds. This collection provides a quick and easy workflow and you can still use those sounds as a basic and layer, stretch or otherwise adjust them to suit your specific needs.

The BUNDLE is the best option as it contains both, the DESIGNED and the CONSTRUCTION KIT at a reduced price.

You can find an even more detailed explanation here.

The TECH SPECS of your sound FX packages often display more sounds than sound files. How's that?

Some manufacturers deliver their sounds and variations as one sound per file. At BOOM Library we differentiate between sound FX and sound file. Each sound file can contain multiple variations of a sound (up to 6 variations depending on the product).
That way, we assure to provide you with different styles of a single sound in one file instead of multiple files, keeping your database nice and clear and speeding up your workflow as you have multiple variations available by dragging only one file to your audio host software.

Having multiple variations of a single sound effect also guarantees you a less repetitive overall soundscape when using the effect multiple times in a row or over and over again in several projects.

Do you offer Download versions to immediately use the SFX?

Yes, you can choose between DOWNLOAD or BOXED version. In both cases you will get direct download links right after completing the order. Some products with huge files sizes might only be available as boxed version but we can send you the download links on request.

What is metadata and how can I use it?

Rich metadata is built right into each of BOOM Library’s audio files of every library. It contains information about the character and the properties of each sound. This dramatically reduces the time spent for the search of a specific sound with audio file management software like Soundminer or others.

Visit the product page and scroll to the TECH SPECS table. In the row “Content Info” you’ll find a PDF with the content and a XLS file with more detailed metadata information for each library.

Do you have free SFX?

Yes. Each month we offer a new pack of free SFX. Here’s how you get them:

Subscribe to our newsletter and get a starter pack of free SFX and then a pack of free sounds each month conveniently delivered to your inbox. Click to subscribe to our newsletter.


When do I need an Enterprise License?

Our licenses work pretty much like a software license or a font license works. You need an Enterprise License if you have more than one user accessing the sounds at the same time. If several people are using our collections, then you need licenses for all these people. If you have more people accessing less machines (e.g. 6 people who are working on sound design only on 2 work stations) it is enough to purchase licenses per machine. The question is: How many people can work simultaneously with our sounds?

If you want to equip more than one sound designer with some fine BOOM Library SFX, please select ENTERPRISE LICENSE at checkout and enter the number of users for each package. If you want to upgrade your whole sound design squad with fresh BOOM Library sounds, contact us for a discounted custom quote via service@boomlibrary.com.

Please note that the QUIET PLANET nature sound packs are only available as a subscription when you choose enterprise license.

Can I put the purchased BOOM Library sounds on several computers? Do I need an extra license?

You can put the sounds on several computers without an extra license in the following cases:

  • You purchased a single user license and you’re the only person accessing the sounds. You can put the sounds on several of your workstations (e.g. laptop, desktop).
  • You have multiple audio workstations in your studio but only one sound designer. You can put the sound on all of your workstations. As soon as you have more people that will access the sounds simultaneously, you need to upgrade to an enterprise license.

In case you need to upgrade from a personal license to an enterprise license so that more than one user can access the sounds simultaneously, please contact: service@boomlibrary.com

Which software do I need to use your sound effects?

All our sound effects are WAV files and can directly be loaded into any sequencer software like LOGIC PRO, PRO TOOLS, CUBASE, ABLETON, REAPER, etc. You can drag and drop them into your sequencer software and layer and design the sounds as you wish.

Some of our products have a KONTAKT instrument that enables you to trigger the sounds with a MIDI input device (e.g. a MIDI Keyboard.) If you want to use this feature, then you (additionally to a sequencer software) need the KONTAKT 5 software which is available here.

Are your libraries compatible with video editing software such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, Avid Media Composer, etc?

Yes, our sounds come as WAV audio files and can directly be imported into the timeline of your video editing software (just like a music track).

What am I allowed to do with your sounds?

The license is for commercial and non-commercial use in music, sound-effect, audio/video post-production, performance, broadcast or similar finished content-creation and production use. It allows you to combine the CONTENT you’ve purchased for commercial recordings without paying any additional license fees or providing source attribution to BOOM Library.

What am I not allowed to do with your sounds?

You cannot create your own sound effect library or music cues with BOOM Library sound effects as a stand-alone-product and resell it.

If you would like to develop your own product with BOOM Library sound effects (e.g.: KONTAKT instruments, VST plugins, audio apps, trailer templates, sound FX libraries, etc.), you need a developer license, which basically means that we get a small share in the product using our sounds. If you are interested in our developer license, please contact: service@boomlibrary.com

Can I use the sounds for more than one project?

Yes, our sounds come with a royalty-free perpetual license. This means that – once purchased – you can use the sounds forever in any future project without any additional license or royalty-fees.

Is there an extended license for special purposes?

Yes, if you need an extended license to create your own audio product using our source sounds (e.g.: KONTAKT instruments, VST Plugins, Audio Apps, Trailer Templates, Sound FX libraries, etc.), please contact us for a developer license: service@boomlibrary.com

Can I use your FREE sounds commercially and non-commercially without having to give credit?

Yes, you can use our FREE sounds for any non-commercial and commercial productions in your career. You don’t have to credit BOOM Library but we would be happy if you did 😉

Please refer to the question “What am I not allowed to do with your sounds” to learn more about the limitation in using our sounds.

Do I have to credit BOOM Library in my work?

No, you don’t have to credit us, however we are happy if you do and you can do it in any way you want. A simple “Sound Effect Libraries by BOOM Library”, or “thanks to BOOM Library Sound FX” or whatever you feel is appropriate.

If you want to include the BOOM Library logo, you can download it here.


On how many computers can I authorize a BOOM Interactive plugin?

Each BOOM Interactive plug-in can be authorized on up to two machines (e.g. a studio workstation and a laptop).

How does the iLok activation process work?

iLok USB License Activation: Click here to get to a more detailed description.

iLok Machine License Activation: Click here to get to a more detailed description.

Where can I find the License Activation Code for the Full Version?

The License Activation Code can be found:

  1. in the email with the subject line: “BOOM Library | License Key for Order #[your order number]“ (Please also check your SPAM folder)
  2. if you created an account in our store, you can also find the code under www.boomlibrary.com/my-account/orders. Click the corresponding order number and scroll down to “LICENSE KEY”.

I can't register the plug-in in iLok!

If you have trouble to register the plug-in in iLok, please contact: service@boomlibrary.com and send over your iLok User ID.

Where can I download the newest version of my plug-in?

Simply log into your account and navigate to “My Account” – “Downloads”.

If you purchased using a guest checkout, please contact service@boomlibrary.com


I purchased parts of a library. Can I upgrade to the full bundle?

Yes, please contact us for a personal upgrade coupon.

What shipping options do you offer?


+ Boxed or Download

You can choose between Boxed (USB key drive or HDD – depending on the product’s size) or Download. You will also receive download links when you choose the Boxed version.


Item only available as boxed version. We will ship the sound effects on a hard drive or USB key drive to you – depending on the product’s size.


Item only available as download. You will receive instant download links right after the purchase.

Do you ship to any country in the world?

Yes, we can ship to any place with a mail service.

How long does shipping usually take?

Depending on your location it might take up to 14 working days (customs, etc.). However you will always get direct download links after completing your order so that you can use our collections immediately.

Which payment methods do you offer?

You can pay with:

  • Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Maestro)
  • Paypal (when checking out with PayPal, you login to your PayPal account or you create a new one and when you get back to our site you click on PLACE ORDER or SIGNUP NOW to complete the order.

If you would like to pay bigger orders via invoice, please contact: service@boomlibrary.com. As soon as the payment process is confirmed we will manually send out the download links to you.

What is VAT and why do I have to pay it?

This applies to customers in Europe only: all our prices shown in the store are without VAT. If you have a valid VAT ID, you can put it in the system while placing an order and you will not be charged any VAT. If you are in Germany, you always have to pay VAT. Remember: as an audio pro, you will get it back from your local tax office.

Please enter your VAT ID in the following format:


I have a coupon code. Where can I redeem it?

You can enter the coupon code during the checkout process in our shop system. If you enter a valid code, you will get a discount on your purchase.

Can I place orders via telephone?

Yes, please call +49 6131-5847895. If no one is available to take your call, please leave a message with your telephone number, email address, a description of your needs, and we’ll get back to you.

Is there an educational discount for students and teachers?

We offer great educational discounts on all our products:

As a student you can get the following discounts:

  • 30% on every purchase up to 199€
  • 40% on every purchase between 200 – 499€
  • 50% on every purchase above 500€
  • You get a full commercial license, that you can use for your entire professional career!


As a teacher you can get the following discounts:

  • 50% on every purchase if you only use our sounds for educational purposes
  • 25% discount on every purchase if you want to use our sounds for educational purposes and for your own commercial productions
  • These discounts are for single user licenses only (only you can use the sounds, not your students). If you are looking for educational multi-user licenses for classes or whole schools, please contact us.


The COMPLETE BOOM (Basics, Ultimate, Ultimate Surround+) and COMPLETE QUIET PLANET (Basics, Stereo, Stereo & Surround) packs:

  • 20% on the current price

As for the proof that you are a student / teacher, simply fill out our submission form (click here)

Is there an educational discount for educational institutions?

Yes, there is depending on the number of workstations and usage type. Please contact us for details: service@boomlibrary.com

My order shows the status “cancelled”, what should I do?

There might be an issue with the payment. Placing the order again often helps to solve the problem. The old order will then be deleted – no worries.

My order shows the status “pending”, what should I do?

When placing an order, our shop system sends a payment request to your bank or to PayPal. As soon as the request is approved, the order status will automatically switch to “confirmed” and you will receive your invoice and download links. Normally, the clearing of the payment happens immediately. Sometimes it takes a bit longer (up to a day). If your order is still pending after 24h, please contact your bank/credit card company/Paypal to manually clear the payment request.

How can I cancel my subscription?

All subscriptions have a minimum term of 3 years. After that you can cancel your subscription in your account: https://www.boomlibrary.com/my-account/subscriptions/

Please note: This means that you will lose your license to use the sounds and you must delete all files associated with your subscription. All projects you finished during an active subscription term will of course retain their license.


I can't download your files or the connection is very slow!

If you are having problems downloading the files, please check the following most common solutions:

  1. Please don’t use a download manager. Download managers send multiple requests and create multiple connections to the server – each one counting as a download. The server will receive an abnormally large amount of requests to download the files and may result in the item exceeding the download limit.
  2. Clear your web browser cache. (Select your browser from the links for a guide). Google ChromeMozilla FireFoxInternet Explorer and Safari.
  3. Make sure that no 3rd party application, software or browser extension (ie. Internet Security, Antivirus or Firewall) is preventing a successful download.
  4. Only download one file at a time.
  5. If you’re using a wireless connection, plug your computer directly into the router/broadband modem.
  6. Try downloading the file using an alternate browser and / or computer.
  7. Check your router to see if you have any content filtering enabled.
  8. Check with your ISP to make sure that you haven’t exceeded any download limits.

I have used up my download links but the downloads failed or are incomplete.

Please contact us and provide your order number.  We will get you new download links: service@boomlibrary.com

I didn’t receive my download links.

Maybe your SPAM filter grabbed that email. Could you check that please?

If the download links aren’t in your SPAM folder, please contact service@boomlibrary.com and we will help you out.

My order doesn't show up in my account.

This happens when you used our guest checkout which means you either didn’t create an account or you didn’t login to your existing account when placing the order. Please contact us via service@boomlibrary.com and submit your order number and your account name so we can assign the order to your account.


Do you have a newsletter?

Yes we do. Click to subscribe and receive a FREE pack of BOOM Library Sound FX each month.

I would like to become part of your testimonial section on your website.

Feel free to join in the chorus of the BOOM Library lovers and share your personal involvement. We highly appreciate your support and would be very happy to hear from you.

If you need a little more inspiration on how to write your testimonial, just have a look at our homepage and see how other customers approached the mission.

You can simply summarize your own experience with the BOOM Library products in a few words. The following questions can serve as red thread:

  1. Which BOOM library did you use?
  2. How did you like the quality of the sounds?
  3. How did the sounds work for your projects?
  4. Which projects did you use them for?

And that’s it! Catchy, proficient and trustworthy is all we wish for. 🙂

Please note that by sending us your testimonial via email you approve for it being published on our website and Facebook page, including your full name. We can also offer to feature you with a photo, a short description and a link to your website or your IMDb profile page, if you want.

Just send us an email to: support@boomlibrary.com

I have a question that isn't answered in the FAQs.

Please write an email to service@boomlibrary.com