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Find Your Discounts

We have hidden 6 different discount codes on our website and socials! Each code gives you a discount of €5/$6 in our shop. Don’t miss out on your discount of up to €30/$36 and keep your eyes wide open! Can you find them all?

Collect all 6 codes and enter them into our raffle below. Take your chances for a free copy of our acclaimed multi-modular FX processor, ENRAGE!


Note: Codes are redeemable until July 23rd 2021, and can only be used once per account. Each code can be redeemed individually.

Win Your Copy Of ENRAGE

To reward you for your detective skills, we decided to raffle off one copy of ENRAGE. Simply join our raffle below until July 20th, 3 pm CET and you’re in.


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Good luck.


ENRAGE was met with incredible enthusiasm both by sound designers and music producers. The reviews praise ENRAGE as an absolute powerhouse and the end of the line when it comes to multi-effect plug-ins.

“A Big Home Run!”

Jordan Rudess |
Dream Theater

“Insanely Deep!”

Ronan Macdonald |

“ENRAGE might be the end of the line!”

Sam Jeans |

“Fast As Thoughts!”

Mirko Perri |

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