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Gun Handling

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Impressive and high quality gun shot sound effects are invaluable but they're only half the battle. Our "Micro BOOM - GUN HANDLING" library now gives you the perfect other half: Gun Foley sounds! 11 different firearms. Triggers, dry shots, safety switches, reloading, magazines and much more, delivered in our high BOOM Library quality standard with 96kHz, 24bit. Click, click - BOOM!

With this SFX library you get a vast variety of gun handling and Foley sounds needed for almost any type of hand weapon or rifle. Each sound comes on one mono close track and one stereo mid distance track. 410 royalty free SFX delivered in 70 files per track.

As always, all files contain extensive metadata for the fastest workflow possible.

Key Features
  • Library ships in 96kHz/24bit High Definition Audio
  • 410 ready-to-use royalty free sound effects
  • 11 different guns
  • Don't waste time: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata

Data Sheet / Track List

2 x 70 files | 96kHz/24bit, WAV


11 Guns
3 Assault Rifles: AK47, M16, H&K G36
2 Submachine Guns: FNH P90, H&K MP5
2 Pistols: Walther P99, Glock 45
1 Granade Launcher: M203
1 Bolt Action Rifle: Remington 700
1 Revolver: Smith and Wesson 686 357 Magnum
1 Pumpgun