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Coniferous Forests

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CONIFEROUS FORESTS is a breathtaking experience through and through. Massive conifers towering to untold heights, forming some of the most majestic natural cathedrals this planet has to offer, create auditory atmospheres as amazing as the forest is to behold. At the same time, CONIFEROUS FORESTS are known for their calm, comforting and secure ambiences of blissful solitude. Blending in with the undisturbed native environment, Gordon Hempton once more managed to acquire an astonishing level of variety in his recordings, stretching across multiple seasons, daytimes and weather settings: Whether it be the spine-chilling howl of a wolf pack haunting through the night, the late summer call of a pacific chorus frog, the enormous creak of a mighty tree trunk bending or the forest intoning its own characteristic symphony with the wind brushing through pine needles – CONIFEROUS FORESTS delivers its vast pool of resources with maximum authenticity and abundance.

Ancient CONIFEROUS FORESTS are treasured especially for their acoustic purity. The general absence of leaves rustling, fewer songbirds, and a more tempered variety of species amount to an even lower noise level than in the more lively DECIDUOUS FORESTS or TROPICAL FORESTS and incredibly preservative sound propagation over long distances. The enormous auditory horizon allows sounds, having travelled many miles – possibly even from other habitats – to enrich your sound design after a transformative journey through some of the most impressive acoustic spaces known to man.

The overall simpler, quieter and more spacious structure of CONIFEROUS FORESTS inspires otherwise subtle and hidden treasures to take the spotlight: Going into fine detail and capturing signature sounds and isolated messages to hallmark a particular moment is one of this library’s many strengths. From lone elk boldly declaring the extent of their territory to a beetle taking off – CONIFEROUS FORESTS effortlessly places vast dynamic ranges within your grasp to achieve profound and impeccable sound design.

Shipping with over 8 GB of audio material, a total playtime of over 8 hours and a total of 181 high-quality audio files, the CONIFEROUS FORESTS library will add depth and nuance to all natural environments you will envision in your sound design; however if you are looking for an even more grounded, purer, northward ambience and SFX collection to draw from, CONIFEROUS FORESTS is indispensable.

All sound files come with detailed content descriptions, have smart metadata with geographic location and indicate which animals are audible (SoundMiner® readable). Take on the journey and truly enrich your auditive creations going forward with CONIFEROUS FORESTS.

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Key Features
  • Library ships in 48 kHz, 24-bit / binaural stereo
  • Length: +8 hrs
  • 181 files / more than 8GB
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata

Data Sheet / Track List

181 files, +8 GB of data | 48kHz/24bit, WAV


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Coniferous Forests - Stereo & Surround

Audio Demo

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Nothing quite compares to surround ambiences. Once given the opportunity to unfold their true acoustic potential, whisking you away right into the world of CONIFEROUS FORESTS rather than merely replicating it, these fabulous 5.0 surround recordings will surely keep you from accepting any less in the future.

Keeping the content of the already fantastic stereo version, you’ll gain the full spectrum of these enchanting regions in all their magnificence, plus an increase in flexibility and ways to shape the experience, taking your sound design to an even higher level!

The handling couldn’t be easier: Simply drag and drop the interleaved 5.0 surround files into your favorite editing program or DAW and mix them any way you like. The quality of the recordings is incomparably excellent and - as always - all files come with detailed metadata to increase your workflow. This collection also includes the stereo version and it comes as a download or on a USB drive.

You already own the stereo version? Please contact us to upgrade to the surround version and get a discount code to only pay the price difference.

Key Features
  • Library ships in 48 kHz, 24-bit / interleaved 5.0 surround
  • Track Layout: L•C•R•Ls•Rs
  • Stereo version also included
  • More than 30GB of nature ambiences
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata

Data Sheet / Track List

181 files, +30 GB of data | 48kHz/24bit, WAV