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We consider ourselves lucky to serve a multitude of creative customers who work on so many different and exciting projects. It’s our pleasure to share with you some of these stories on a small-scale level and give you an insight in how other customers worked and succeeded with our SFX.

This time we would love to introduce you to Alexander Rieß who works as a Sound Designer at Superhearo Audio based in Hamburg, Germany. One of his specialties is to design sounds for radio plays - that’s why we are happy to show you one of his latest projects he worked on.

DORIAN HUNTER produced by Zaubermond-Audio, is one of the most innovative radio play projects started in Germany in 2008. The acoustic realization based on an Austrian novel written by Ernst Vlcek and Kurt Luif became one of the most successful radio play series in the mystery- and horror section.

Alexander Rieß is responsible for the Sound Design of the award-winning DORIAN HUNTER– DÄMONENKILLER series and he is the owner of our COMPLETE BOOM package and our COMPLETE QUIET PLANET collection, which supported him in creating a realistic and polished sound atmosphere.


“I’ve been using BOOM Libraries a lot for the mystery-horror series “Dorian Hunter – Dämonenkiller” for some time past and I am really thrilled. For this project I use BOOM Library SFX from almost every BOOM packages. Especially the Cinematic Horror and Cinematic Darkness packs and also Magic, Close Combat or Destruction.

The quality of the sounds is awesome and if I work on time critical projects the Designed version is the best choice to work with. Testing and tinkering makes more fun of course ;) I came across BOOM Libraries as I was in need of many horses’ sounds but I wasn’t satisfied with the sound of my “old” libraries. So I decided to buy Horses by BOOM Library and I was happy! Dry recorded sounds with clear descriptions. One problem less for me…

After the foundation of my own studio “Superhearo Audio” I bought, together with my companion, The Complete BOOM and The Quiet Planet Complete collections and ever after we use these BOOM Library sound effects in almost every production from radio plays, film scoring to industry videos etc. Keep up the good work guys!”
- Alexander Rieß

Check out the latest trailer of the "DORIAN HUNTER – Dämonenkiller" radio play series - spiced up with BOOM Library sound effects.

Thank you so much for taking the time and those insights Alexander! And thanks to you readers who let us know which awesome projects you are working on and how the BOOM library sounds are benefitting you.

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