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boomlibrary testimonial gregor arnold

We're always happy to hear directly from our customers why they like our BOOM products and which projects they used them in. It's always a pleasure for us to read the replies and learn what the sound designers like about our libraries. This time Matt Smith from the audio postproduction house "Adrenaline Studios" shares his BOOM experience with us:

"In this day, beating the clock and delivering a phenomenal project is what we all strive for as sound designers. Since using the BOOM Libraries, I’ve found client’s having less critiques/suggestions and more approvals. I’ve also found that my time spent searching for sound effects drastically diminished. The quality BOOM delivers is second-to-none, to me, they are the leaders in a new wave of sound effects libraries. We use Magic/Sci-Fi/Destruction in almost every project we work with. When you’re ready to elevate your game, get BOOM." - Matt Smith

Thanks you very much for those insights Matt!

And thanks to you readers who let us know which awesome projects you are working on and how the BOOM library sounds are benefitting you.

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