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Take hold of these nature treasures and let QUIET PLANET BASICS become a part of your personal sound story today.


It’s the perfect starter kit to begin your career as a professional nature sound designer. The comprehensive nature sound library exists of 1.000 stereo files containing the essential sound effects of each library of Gordon Hempton’s Quiet Planet series. The 40+ GB data give you a comprehensive basic nature ambience and sound library that covers each of his meticulously recorded categories like wind, water, forests, deserts and much much more. The Quiet Planet BASICS library comes at a price of 999,00 euros.

You already own some BOOM Library SFX packs and want to upgrade to QUIET PLANET BASICS? No problem, upgrade and pay only for what you do not yet have. Please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get you this wonderful SFX pack as soon as possible.

Get hands on 1.000 wonderful nature sound FX and learn more about the Quiet Planet BASICS package!

Do you need some inspiration and want to learn more about Gordon Hampton and his nature recording trips?

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