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[TESTIMONIAL] James Saunders / Sound Designer

boomlibrary testimonial malcolm thorpe dubbing mixer

We're always happy to hear directly from our customers why they like our BOOM products and which projects they used them in. It's always a pleasure for us to read the replies and learn what the sound designers like about specific libraries. This time James Saunders shares his BOOM experience with us:

boomlibrary testimonial malcolm thorpe dubbing mixer

James Saunders / SOUND DESIGNER

30 years + sound designing TV, Radio, Online & Cinema commercials for London’s top advertising agencies. (Rover, VW, Honda, Ford, Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Jaguar, Chrysler, Mini, Citreon, Saab etc.)

“Looking to augment my own recordings for an upcoming project, I’d been recommended BOOM Library’s Everyday Cars by a trusted sound designer friend. I have been sound designing big budget commercials for longer than I care to remember and cannot believe that I have just come across this library – the car job I am currently on has been made so much easier by having Everyday Cars to hand. I cannot tell you how much time I have saved by having all the effects so intelligently laid out for me as opposed to scouring other libraries for sounds that don’t always quite fit and/or recording my own sounds.

Once downloaded, the varied set of sounds on offer has provided me with invaluable source material to help me achieve the level of sonic detail that my clients expect. Everyday Cars has become my go to library when working on automotive commercials. In fact, I liked it so much that I didn’t 'buy the company' - as a certain Victor Kiam once said - no, I just bought the SUV sound set as well!
I have just recommended Everyday Cars to an established sound designer friend based in LA, now he’s buying Everyday Cars too…

Brilliant stuff, it’s pretty evident from the library that you’ve actually taken the time to think how the SFX will be used in situ, and the library offers great options to cover most scenarios.

You definitely have a new fan.”
- James Sauders

Thanks James for those insights and taking the time, we are really excited to see and hear for ourselves how your project looks and sounds!

And thanks to you readers who let us know which awesome projects you are working on and how the BOOM library sounds are benefitting you.

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