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[TESTIMONIAL] Don Mann / Sound Designer

boomlibrary testimonial don mann sound designer

From time to time we contact our customers and ask them what they like about the BOOM Library and how they're using the sounds. It's always a pleasure for us to read the replies and learn what the sound designers like about specific libraries.

Here's a quite extensive one we'd like to share with you:


(The L Word)

"In my daily work as a SFX editor, I find the hardest things to edit and design are cars. It is always a challenge to find recordings that match the speed, model type, and maneuvers required for a smooth and seamless car sound effect or sequence, both inside and out. Since I acquired the EVERYDAY CARS library it is the first place I look for car recordings. I love how there are no flashy sports cars or anything, just practical and useful Everyday Car, exactly what I need over and over again. Since Boom has recorded absolutely every sound making thing in these cars, I can use the same library for interiors and exteriors, engines to seat belts, and everything matches, consistent in tone. I've used this library in many different projects like the Hallmark TV series Cedar Cove, as well as many movie of the weeks for Lifetime Channel.

But that's not my only favorite BOOM library! Currently I am sound designer on medieval adventure monster flick Viking Quest (in post production), I knew before I even started I would have to pick up the CREATURES Construction Kit. There is such a large variety of sounds to choose from, all with high sample rates, it is simply an a essential tool for the scary and fantastic fantasy creatures! I'm designing the sound of a massive sea monster, and some huge vicious wolves. BOOM is sending chills down my spine, and hopefully the viewers too!"

Don Mann on IMDb

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