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[TESTIMONIAL] Patrick Giraudi / Sound Designer

boomlibrary testimonial patrick giraudi

Sound Designer Patrick Giraudi (Mulholland Drive, The Descendants, Twilight,...) told us where and why he used BOOM Library SFX.


(Mulholland Drive, The Descendants, Twilight, etc.)

""At the end of last year I finish an epic film Dracula the Dark Prince. A direct to video action pack starring Jon Voight as Van Helsing. The film required the intense use of the MEDIEVAL WEAPONS, CLOSE COMBAT, HORSES, CREATURES, WILDCATS and CINEMATIC LIBRARIES (CINEMATIC TRAILERS, CINEMATIC HITS, CINEMATIC METAL). My goal was to make this film sound like a very expensive movie without having the big studio film budget at my disposal and the Boom libraries help me achieve that. The quality and the power of the Boom libraries make it fairly easy to create great sound designs by either using the already prepared sound or the construction kit. The sound are fantastic and I always start using the BOOM libraries over anything else."

Patrick Giraudi on IMDb

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