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Hooray, we're moving (too). This means a new building, new walls, new blisters on our hands from dragging the stuff from one place to another and - YAY - a new two leaves room-in-room studio.

Early pics and sketches from Axel's new studio

We really had a great time in our beautiful office but now it's time to move on. Time for more space and new studios. Below you'll find some pics and sketches from Axel's new studio. Michaels's studio is also being planned and as soon as we have more details about it, we will show it to you.


This is where Axel's studio is being built.


The work began a month ago.


This is the 3D layout of Axel's room. Not showing the absorbing material and the outer walls.


This is the view from the top.

We're so looking forward to checking out the new rooms. As soon as everything is in place, we will post some recordings to compare the different room and speaker setups. Stay tuned.

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