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Get ready for "CINEMATIC HITS", the third release of our highly successful "Cinematic Series". It contains a ton of brand-new hit and impact sound effects to boost your trailers, teasers, presentations, IDs or any other project that misses some high quality design elements.

We are proud to announce this great new SFX library. We think we have again raised our own bar for high quality and really massive trailer impact SFX. Our CINEMATIC TRAILERS and CINEMATIC METAL libraries have been featured in so many great movie trailers (as you can see in the video below) and we're sure that CINEMATIC HITS will take the same path.

CINEMATIC HITS CONSTRUCTION KIT is filled with over 1.800 excellent and high quality source sounds that give you everything you need to create absolutely stunning and top notch hit and impact sounds from the scratch. This library provides you with sounds of epic drums, massive metal, wood and deep rumbles. Take advantage of perfect clarity at high frequencies as well as ground-shaking low frequencies.

The CINEMATIC HITS DESIGNED collection is going to be your new quality source for absolutely stunning, innovative and breathtaking hits & impacts. Instantly boost your project to the next level by applying these royalty free and ready-to-use sound effects. Hand-picked and thoroughly produced by our team of sound designers, we give you a powerful toolset of cinematic hits that will drive your audience’s speakers and subwoofers to the maximum.

Click here to get to the product page and listen to great audio demos

The BUNDLE contains both, the DESIGNED edition and the CONSTRUCTION KIT. Order the BUNDLE until the official release date on August 1st and get a great 20% pre-release discount.

Video - Trailer

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