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About Gordon Hempton - The Sound Tracker®

Company *Photograph by Christopher LaMarca

BOOM Library is very proud to distribute the probably best nature recordings on the planet, the absolutely precious recordings of Gordon Hempton.

All of the nature sounds in the NatureSFX series were recorded by Gordon Hempton, The Sound Tracker®. Emmy-winner, author of One Square Inch of Silence, and environmental activist, Hempton has searched the globe for more than three decades to record nature at its most pristine. Faced with habitat loss, species extinction and most of all unbridled noise pollution, Hempton has now turned his attention towards saving the world’s few remaining natural amphitheaters.

"I am acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton. I care very deeply about quiet. As the Sound Tracker® I have circled the globe three times over the last 30 years in pursuit of Earth’s rarest nature sounds—sounds which can only be fully appreciated in the absence of manmade noise.
My recordings of steadily vanishing natural soundscapes have been written about and reviewed in People, Time, Newsweek, and many more American and international magazines. My work has enriched numerous television documentaries including the PBS documentary Vanishing Dawn Chorus, which earned me an Emmy. I provide professional audio services to such media outlets as Microsoft, Smithsonian, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel."
- Gordon Hempton


"In these magnificent recordings, clear and mysterious as haiku, Gordon Hempton distills the spirit of the natural world. As wild sound in a movie, they hitch the seen to the invisible. A gift for every filmmaker!"
- Robert Gerst / Author of "Make Film History: Rewrite, Reshoot, and Recut the World's Greates Films"

"America's foremost guru of quiet."
- USA Today

"You may hear for the first time what has been missing in most other recordings - real rolling and shaking, a genuine edge-of-night boom-and-gloom gluttony of power and subtlety unmatched in the world of audio…"
- Fanfare

"Someday Gordon Hempton's recordings may be heard as the last echo of nature at its most natural."
- The Weekly

"Gordon Hempton brings new meaning to the word purist. He meticulously scouts out sites for his soundscapes... Hempton is totally in touch with his environment as a listener, and he is committed to bringing what he hears to a wider audience."
- Smithsonian

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