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ADVENT DAY 22 - Useful Tips From The BOOM Sound Designers

Company David Osternacher

Today's advent calendar special reveals the last part of "Useful Tips From The BOOM Sound Designers"

This time, David Osternacher tells you more about project templates, useful SFX and plug-ins. Enjoy

How does your project template look like?
keep my project templates fairly simple. Apart from standard busses for voice, music, sfx, and so on, I only have a low-cut filter on a pre-master bus loaded by default, to keep unwanted low frequencies in check. Some custom key commands in logic can be set up via a template too, such as the command-click tool, which I like to use for zooming.

A useful approach for designing a sound
I like to break up sounds into the layers I'm going to need before I start. With AudioFinder, I'll create a soundbank or mini-library of sounds I'm going to need, and take files out of it as I work my way through the project. This doesn't work for every project of course, but when you are working on a specific trailer, for example, it can be very efficient.

Useful FX that you use almost always to beef up your sound.
My habit of creating small library selections helps me keep track of my favorite sound effects, especially when they might be useful out of context. Low rumble sounds can be a great way to beef up sounds that have to be large, even with creature voices, when used in moderation. The CINEMATIC TRAILERS stuff can be a great supplement for abstract magic spells, for which it is often tough to find good material if you don't have time to record it yourself.

Your favorite FX plug-in and why is it your favourite?
Sometimes recordings with a great artistic quality or character to them are unusable due to some interfering noises. I'm always most impressed by plugins that can save theses kinds of sounds, so I'll have to go with the iZotope RX suite here. RX has saved many precious sounds of mine, especially the results you can get with the spectral repair and denoise modules continue to amaze me. Whether there was unwanted background noise, somebody forgot to turn off their phone or a bird just wouldn't shut up during that one great take, chances are you can repair that file without ruining its character. In elaborate or costly recording sessions, that can save you a world of trouble.

Thanks David :-)

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